ProCutta Reviews

ProCutta has exceeded my expectations with its unmatched performance

Maia Construction
Bruno M., Cumming, GA
"Thanks to ProCutta, maintaining pristine artificial turf has never been easier. I highly recommend it to fellow hardscapers, landscapers and homeowners alike."

The ProCutta made a rookie in artificial turf look like a seasoned professional

The Grounds Guys of West Greensboro
Tim, I., Greensboro, NC
"This system is designed to help minimize mistakes. We definitely couldn't have made our 1st job a success without ProCutta."

We can now do seams perfectly

805 West Landscape Service
Brandon, Paso Robles, CA

"I can't say enough about the tool and recommend EVERYBODY own ProCutta seam tool.  I have made thousands of dollars using the ProCutta."

ProCutta is worth having as one of your most important tools to complete your project successfully

Industry Expert
Putting Greens and Artificial Turf Installation
Rich S, Wilmington, NC
"I have been in the synthetic turf installation business from 2004 to date with very well-known companies like Southwest Greens and recently with Celebrity Greens. I like to think that my installation experience and being self employed for 43 years allows me to make an analysis for the consideration of the ProCutta seaming tool..."

This tool is a must purchase! I’d recommend It to anyone!

Duran EQ Construction Inc.
Derek D., Santa Paula, CA
"ProCutta!! Hands down the best tool for seaming synthetic pieces together. It’s easy to use with long and short seams. It hides the seam and improves the overall installation."

Amazing product, amazing service

Keystone Paving
Charles G., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
"I came across ProCutta when looking to reduce the stress of handling seams and wanting to make my overall product better. This product is very very helpful. A huge amount of joy of using this product also comes from Sam who has been instrumental in giving me advice on how to use the ProCutta."

Best turf seaming tool ever invented

Clearwater Landscape
Robbie H., Santa Rosa, CA
"I absolutely love this tool, man!"


This is the best investment you can make in your turf business

Seamless Landscaping
Mike W., Pasadena, CA
"The ProCutta is an amazing tool made by an amazing person! Not only does it save time and energy, but it also allows you to make seams that were never possible before." 

Using the ProCutta tool seaming process has been amazing

The Gardens Landscaping
Tony M., Van Nuys, CA 
ProCutta saves us labor and gives us better quality results than the other turf seaming tool out there.  Ever since I found this tool there’s no more nonsense with seaming.

Nothing cuts cleaner and more efficiently than ProCutta

Southwest Greens Hawaii
Cesar P., Keauhou, HI
"We've done over 500 synthetic commercial and residential lawns, playgrounds etc. in the Hawaiian Islands and nothing cuts cleaner and more efficient - without compromising the turf fibers." 

Using the ProCutta tool has been a game changer

Novice Installer 
Victor R., Mission Hills, CA
"I am new to the industry of installing synthetic turf. I used to start with pieces of 200 square feet or under but now that we have the ProCutta for help we have expanded to 3000 square foot jobs with no difficulty.'

Make your seams disappear

Southwest Greens Of The Valley
David F., Scottsdale, AZ
"One of the challenging aspects of installing artificial turf is cutting the seams correctly. With ProCutta you won't have problems with the seams again."