ProCutta is worth having as one of your most important tools to complete your project successfully

I have been in the synthetic turf installation business from 2004 to date with very well-known companies like Southwest Greens and recently with Celebrity Greens. I like to think that my installation experience and being self employed for 43 years allows me to make an analysis for the consideration of the ProCutta seaming tool. 

There are many steps to synthetic turf installation however the 3 biggies are:
     1. Base work: needs to be as perfect as possible
     2. Seaming: should not be able to see, or at the least very slight
     3. Infill: uniformly done so as not to feel unevenness

For this conversation I want to explain why the ProCutta is worth having as one of your most important tools to complete your project successfully.

• Easily put together

• With a modest amount of practice even a new employee can do a very high-quality seam

• Saves labor - On a 16 ft seam, I calculate you will save 1 to 2 man hours. So, at $25/hr plus overhead cost of 33% minimum (taxes, insurance and general overhead) your resulting expense would be a minimum $33.25. If you consider that calculation and if ProCutta cost, as an example, $800 then it would pay itself off in approximately 384 lineal feet - So a plus, YES! Reducing the total time on Project A allows you to move on Project B sooner, and then on to Project C and so on and so on. Conclusion, over a period of time your completed sales should see a substantial bump because you’re completing more work in a given period.

Best guess and depending on each business personal situation, ProCutta increases the net profit. End result, being more perfect gets more work, and you’re delivering a much more professional job."
Rich S, Wilmington, North Carolina,
Expert, Putting Greens and Artificial Turf Installation

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