Giving Back

Thank you to all of those who have purchased and endorsed the ProCutta. We have been blessed with success and from the very beginning it was always our plan to give back where and when we could.

The following two non-profits work earnestly to keep their eyes and hearts on the homeless communities and individuals that need options they may not be able to afford on their own in their current situation.

A portion of our monthly sales is donated to these two organizations, as we support their missions and respect their hard work and dedication to serving others.

Below are links to their donation pages. We encourage you to donate to their support, so that we can all take part in taking care of each other.

            Thank you, Michele Lee

Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation
As dog lovers ourselves, with three of our own, we understand how the love and companionship of our pets is essential to our happiness and daily well-being. Most of us can afford a trip to the vet, however many low income and homeless individuals must make heartbreaking decisions because of their current financial situations. Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation not only rescues some of the most in need street dogs, but their hearts beat with the pulse of the needs of those among us that can’t afford routine (and sometimes life saving) veterinary care. Our station in life should not rob us of one of the most fundamentally important aspects of living, and that is love. Homeless or otherwise, we all consider our dogs and pets part of the family.

San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission
Their mobile shower program, part of the SOS (Survival Outreach Services) Program is one that really touched us. A shower, A HOT shower. Soap. Shampoo. Clean clothes. Basic needs that some of us don’t even think twice about. I can speak for myself saying I’m guilty of taking these for granted. The day I saw a homeless man washing his hair in the street with a gardening hose was the day that I recognized the value of these things that are so easily available to me, but a potentially far reach for others.

The Mission’s SOS program is a way to meet the needs of those living on the streets while building trust. Delivering showers and meals to where people already are helps build relationships that lead to positive steps addressing the root causes of their homelessness and a path to recovery.

 More from Ghetto Rescue

“We serve low income, high crime rate communities located in, but not limited to, Los Angeles, California and portions of Texas. These areas are saturated with homeless, abandoned, and abused “street” dogs.  These poor animals are sick, injured, starving, and struggling to survive.  They have no voice and they desperately need help.

Ghetto Rescue FFoundation, a 501c3 nonprofit founded by local police, sees these tragic situations daily. We believe that all animals, regardless of their zip code, deserve to thrive. Therefore, we rescue these street dogs, along with dogs in overcrowded, high-kill community shelters.  We believe these animals deserve a chance at a new life.  We take care of their medical needs, provide their vaccinations, spay/neuter, and through a strict adoption process, we find them safe and loving homes. 

Due to the economic instability of the communities we serve, we also provide community shot clinics and fund veterinary services for lower income families, including the homeless population that cherish their pets.”


"Established in an effort to serve the homeless in the greater San Fernando Valley, the roots of the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission grow deep, span over 40 years and were established as an outreach ministry of the Rescue Mission Alliance – a Christian based non-profit organization. Founded in 1998, the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission began as the Rescue Survival Outreach Services (S.O.S.) Program serving meals to the Valley’s homeless. In 2002, the Mission launched the Family Shelter program in a collaborative effort with San Fernando Valley area churches in response to the critical unmet need for a year round emergency shelter. 

At the San Fernando Rescue Mission their programs have been designed to provide homeless men, women, children and families an opportunity, not only to obtain food, shelter, and basic life necessities, but also provides a foundation for individual and family restoration by developing a personalized plan based on their needs for achieving personal growth, employment, and housing."

We Also Proudly Support The Work of Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand is a French award-winning photographer, artist and animal advocate living and working in Los Angeles. 

Sophie is passionate about rescue dogs. Using her art as an advocacy tool, Sophie explores the intersection between humankind and dogs, and what this millennia-old bond reveals about our humanity.

“Since the 1980s, pit bulls have been demonized by society and portrayed as hellhounds. They’ve become the most feared, hated, and abused of all companion animals. Some cities and countries ban them, while the media persist in associating them with viciousness. This unjust reputation has sealed the fate of millions of dogs who face prejudice around the world and languish in shelters where they are euthanized at a higher rate. In America alone, hundreds of thousands of pit bulls are euthanized every year.

For the past four years, Gamand has been photographing shelter pit bulls wearing flower crowns, helping hundreds of these dogs find homes while combating their unjust reputation. A social media phenomenon, with nearly 300K passionate followers and videos about her work gaining more than 50M views worldwide, Gamand’s whimsical portraits have become iconic.”




“Pit Bull Flower Power has become one of the most powerful tools in today’s pit bull advocacy worldwide, changing the public’s perception and renewing the dialog around these misunderstood dogs, while saving countless lives.”

Animal Advocacy Awards:

  • Hero of the Year 2017, Kris Carr award, January 2018

  • Mary Tyler Moore Award, Awarded by Broadway Barks, June 2017

  • New York City's Kindest, ACC Gala, December 2015, for the #EasyAsACC adoption campaign

  • "Hero of the Year" for Flower Power, Awarded by Mr Bones & Co during Rescue The Runway, June 2015

  • Leonard Simon Award, Awarded by Animal Haven, June 2015

Recently Sophie began to collaborate with Humane Society International, joining their campaign against the dog meat trade. HSI works collaboratively with dog meat farmers who wish to leave the controversial industry but don’t have the means to stop.