Save Time & Money

We all know that bidding artificial turf installs is highly competitive and every advantage counts when it comes to winning the job.  Use ProCutta to save labor, time, and materials so your bid is lower and more attractive to the customer.

ProCutta is the one and only seam tool that will give you the edge you need.  Our team calls it the secret weapon and so will you! 

Time to process seams from start to finish will be fast and accurate. With the highest cost in any bid being labor, ProCutta will cut your job cost significantly.  

The ProCutta seam tool is the best investment in time and material saving you'll ever make. There's virtually no measuring, no guesswork and no tracing. Plus all the tools you'll need are already on the job site, just a hammer, tape measure, solid blade retractable knife, and spikes/staples. That's it! 
This tool is a lifesaver if you have a small or large crew. One installer is all it takes to work with one ProCutta 16 foot setup effectively.  Plus with ProCutta's modular two-foot snap-together design, you can create different seam lengths and have two or more installers working independently on the same job and/or have another installer join in to make the process even faster.

We timed it. A trained ProCutta installer can cut a 6-foot seam in 2 to 3 minutes. Can you cut an offset seam and achieve a nearly perfect pattern match in just a few minutes with the tool you're currently using?  No? Then you need ProCutta.
How many times are you left with cut-offs with no way to effectively use them?  Turn remnants into revenue right away by using every last piece.  With ProCutta precision you can easily piece remnants together to create an undetectable multi-directional seam.  Make use of the extra material in tight spots or butt seams. Less in the landfill and more in your pocket. Get creative, the possibilities are endless. Watch the ProCutta Basics video to see how it's done!

Practice makes perfect! Users will gain proficiency and speed when using ProCutta in different applications.  Easy and fast, this will be your number one go-to tool!

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