Safety Tips

We care about your safety!

As is the case with the use of any tool, injury can occur if that tool is improperly used, or used in a fashion or for a purpose for which it was not intended. 

Use of ProCutta involves the handling of sharp cutting tools and should be used with the utmost care to prevent injury. Care must be taken to insure that your hands and legs are properly protected by keeping them out of the path of the turf cutting blade. DO NOT place your hands or legs in front of the blade used for cutting the turf. If the blade should slip out of the ProCutta guide slot, it could result in a severe laceration to any part of your body that the cutting tool may contact.

The cutting blade must be kept sharp at all times in order to do a proper job, or it must be replaced when the cut turf edge starts to become jagged or difficult to cut cleanly. All cutting tool blades should be in the retracted position when not in use to prevent accidental contact with the sharp edge of the cutting tool.

Please wear all necessary safety gear when using ProCutta. We want our product to be beneficial to everyone under the sun in synthetic grass installation. When working out in the hot sun tools can become very hot, and when handled severe burns to exposed skin can result. It is highly recommended that protective gloves be worn when handling any tool that has been left in the sun unprotected.

The ProCutta team wishes you a safe and successful experience on all of your turf installation jobs.