Using the ProCutta tool seaming process has been amazing

"My experience installing using the ProCutta tool and it’s seaming process has been extremely amazing. I'm the owner of The Gardens Landscaping, and we have been providing high quality synthetic turf work since 2012. 
I met with Sam Lee personally and he gave me a demo on how to properly use the ProCutta - I absorbed all his knowledge and wisdom.  Afterwards, I trained my employees on using the ProCutta and they love how efficient and effective it is.  It saves us labor and gives us better quality results than the other turf seaming tool out there.  Plus the other tool out there takes far to long for seaming. Ever since I found ProCutta there’s no more nonsense with seaming.
I have decided I will buy another 16 foot ProCutta.  I can recommend this to any installer, and it makes it easy to explain to any homeowner who asks about the seaming process when they ask how we do seams and what the results will be when we are done – homeowners should only hire turf installers that use the ProCutta tool!"
Tony M., Van Nuys, CA
Structure Landscape

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