About Us

At ProCutta we understand that the biggest challenge for any synthetic grass installer is making the seams undetectable. It takes a ton of time, wastes a lot of material and sometimes it's still not right. We feel your pain! 

Sam Lee, the creator of the amazing ProCutta turf seaming tool, is not only a general contractor but a landscape contractor as well. He's done his fair share of installations and finally got frustrated enough to hammer out a handmade prototype that his crew quickly renamed "the secret weapon". Necessity is the mother of invention, right?  As more and more installers saw the ProCutta transform turf into puzzle pieces, the reaction was always the same, "I want this."

After years of research, product development, well thought out features and a lot of sweat, the ProCutta seam tool is here to make your jobs easier, faster and deliver hidden artificial turf seams that will make your customers happy. 

Now that you know how ProCutta was born you might wonder how we came up with our name. Sam's wife Michele has been a steady source of inspiration, strength, and support; playing a huge role in producing this tool and bringing this product to market.

It was very important to us from the beginning that our product was made in the United States, right down to the small parts and carrying case. We are very proud of making that happen!

We know you'll find the ProCutta seam tool invaluable. Please contact us if you have questions, we'd love to hear from you.

Happy seaming!

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