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Get The Turf Seam Advantage

ProCutta was created by a seasoned landscape professional who saw the need to improve the artificial turf seam process to be faster. ProCutta is easy to set up and use; it results in seam match up unrivaled by other seam cutting techniques and it reduces the time to complete artificial grass installation jobs. Your customer's satisfaction in a great looking job will only get you more recommendations and give you a sense of pride in a job well done.

Cutting From The Turf Side:

When synthetic grass is placed on top of the ProCutta seam guide, the turf side spreads open in the seam cutting area. This separation allows the cutting tool to pass easily between the grass blades without unnecessary restriction.  This unique feature of the ProCutta tool minimizes cutting off grass blades which could leave bald spots in the seam area. It must be noted that each synthetic grass manufacturer uses their own techniques for constructing turf. This can result in grass blades that refuse to separate during the cutting process which can lead to a few blades being cut unintentionally. These cut blades are insignificant and will be unnoticeable. The great benefit of using the ProCutta tool is that the “S” seaming feature makes a clean seam appearance and the pattern can be achieved quickly.

ProCutta Delivers:

  • Hidden seams
  • No seam will ever get in your way of completing your jobs on time.
  • Easy setup
  • Fast and accurate seam cutting process
  • Multi-Directional seam capability
  • Cutoffs can be used, resulting in less waste
  • Use for small or large areas
  • Cutting lengths to 16+ feet by attaching modular seaming units end to end 
  • Improves job efficiency by saving time and money
  • Greatly reduces fatigue
  • Custom carrying case available that holds pre-assembled Procutta tools

 ProCutta Unique Design:

  • Made of lightweight strong material that has UV resistant and anti-corrosive properties. Each 2' section weighs about a pound.
  • Easy slip together end connections with base plate and guide assemblies to ensure stability and for convenience while using the tool and for transport/storage
  • Bright yellow tool color contrasts with turf to make cutting more accurate.
  • Integrated hand holes for ease of moving around the worksite.
  • Options to use various ground fastening devices; spikes or turf staples.
  • ProCutta can be used in Multi-Directional applications (Straight, Head Seams, Angles)
  • Complimentary hardware included to attach sections together if you feel extra rigidity is required for the job. 
  • Proudly Made in the USA!

Tools Needed:

  • Standard 18mm retractable solid blade knife with a 3-inch extension and replacement blades 
  • Hammer
  • Heavy duty scissors if trimming is necessary
  • Tape Measure

 Word from Team ProCutta:

Practice makes perfect! You will gain proficiency and speed when using ProCutta in different applications.  It’s easy and fun to use and it will become one of your favorite tools.  ProCutta can be used for Multi-Directional seaming and can be utilized in small or large areas.

ProCutta Inc. knows you will enjoy using our seaming tool because we have made the seaming process easier, faster and more convenient.