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Tools Needed:

  • Standard 18mm retractable knife with 3 inch solid blades plus extra replacement blades
  • Hammer
  • Turf spikes or turf staples
  • Heavy duty scissors, optional
  • Tape measure
  • That's it! 
CAN I TRANSLATE YOUR WEBSITE INTO ANOTHER LANGUAGE? Yes, you can easily translate our page into Spanish, French and by popular demand, Hawaiian. Just click the Google drop menu found on the lower left side of the page and select a language.
If there's a language you'd like to suggest please let us know.
CAN PROCUTTA BE USED ON PUTTING GREENS? At this time we have to say no. We're testing ProCutta use on infill putting greens but definitely not for use on nylon putting green.
DOES THE PROCUTTA TOOL REQUIRE SPECIAL CARE? Use only non-abrasive cloth and mild dish soap if necessary. 
Keep ProCutta covered when not in use, store in the carrying case included with your purchase or in a covered area. Like any tool, It will last longer if not abused.  
DO I HAVE TO PAY SALES TAX? Sales tax is assessed for orders shipping to an address in California.  The prevailing state, city and county tax are calculated at time of check out.
DO YOU COLLECT FEES/DUTIES ON INTERNATIONAL SALES? We don’t collect these fees and buyers outside of the US should be aware that you may be responsible for additional fees at delivery. Please contact your local customs office to determine estimated fees on your ProCutta purchase.
IS A SIGNATURE REQUIRED WHEN MY ORDER IS DELIVERED? Yes.  We want to make sure your shipment doesn't disappear from your door step! To ensure your package is delivered a signature is required on all shipments. Real time tracking details will be emailed to you after your order has shipped so you'll know when your order is out for delivery. Please make sure someone is available at the delivery address to receive the package. If no signature can be obtained at time of delivery, a note will be left  at the door and the package will be held at the post office for pickup. 
WHAT PAYMENT METHODS DO YOU ACCEPT? We currently accept American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discover.  
WHERE DO YOU SHIP FROM? ProCutta ships from sunny Southern California.
WHERE IS PROCUTTA MADE? We're proud to say the ProCutta is made in the USA.  All parts right down to the metal plates and carrying case are produced in the United States.
WILL THE TOOL BREAK IF I STEP ON IT OR DROP IT? The ProCutta tool is made of highly quality and durable material that wouldn't sustain damage when used in a manner consistent with a professional turf installation.