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Resources & Recommendations

Although no special tools are required, we have used and recommend OLFA branded products that will make the synthetic grass cutting and seaming process easier, safer and more cost effective.

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OLFA Knife (LA-X)
OLFA Blade 10 packs (B118)
Combo: OLFA Knife plus 10 blades (A1916-B118)
Combo: OLFA Knife plus 60 blades (A1916-B118X6)

    This heavy-duty knife is part of the X OLFA Design Series™, a powerful line of anti-slip grip cutting tools combining exceptional performance with innovation. Features an automatic blade lock, cushion grip for maximum comfort and control, and a channel that holds blade tight.  

    The knife comes with a segmented blade but we highly recommend removing it and using the solid blade as shown before using with ProCutta.  


    Heavy-duty, solid OLFA blade ideal for cutting through thick material. This non-segmented blade is ideal for construction and industrial applications and tasks that require substantial cutting depths or a long blade edge. Made of high-quality Japanese grade carbon tool steel and designed for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. This 18mm blade fits most heavy-duty utility knives. 





    Heavy-duty high-quality scissors can also be purchased on Amazon.