Mind Boggling to Witness This Tool Accomplish a Perfect Seam with Little to No Effort

"I have been involved in the turf industry for 5 years now. It is my job to inspect & respond to customer complaints about defects/installation issues. Most customer complaints are due to bad seaming jobs. I have seen many bad seams out on the field. This is something a lot of professional turf installers have issues with because it is so difficult to execute. Only a select few can successfully manipulate a seam.

When I crossed paths with Sam & he told me about his tool the Procutta, I was very skeptical. I wanted to believe him, but how could he possibly have the answer to the problem? With all the bad seams I had seen I decided to check it out. It was the best decision I ever made. The demonstration he did for me blew me away and he went a step further by having me perform a seam with the tool. Somewhat mind boggling if you ask me, to witness this tool accomplish a perfect seam with little to no effort. 

Going forward I can see less complaints & more satisfaction because of the Procutta seam tool. It’s gratifying to know this tool is here to help anybody tackle the challenge that is achieving a successful seam."

Gary G., Canoga Park, CA

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