I Wish I Had Discovered ProCutta Years Ago

"Having been in business for over 35 years I get asked to look at a lot of new products. Hardly any of these perform like they say it will. There is an exception I have come across that far exceeds my expectations and that is the ProCutta turf seaming tool.

One of the difficulties in installing artificial turf is the seaming. It can ruin thousands of dollars in grass if it is not done correctly and even when done correctly you will still see the seam a lot of the times. I wish I had discovered this years ago. This tool saves time and money because it helps eliminate waste and takes the guess work out of hiding the seam. I highly recommend ProCutta to any landscaper who is installing artificial grass. Quality is important to me and staying on the cutting edge of my industry helps me out perform my competition."

Woody W. Canoga Park, CA 
Woody's Landscape and Masonry


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