A Picky Customer Is Happy

"I am writing this letter to express how happy I am with the installation of the artificial turf in front of my house.  

I was looking to get rid of the grass in front of my house for several reasons.  The first was it wasn’t even really grass anymore more like crab grass.  Secondly, I live in Southern California whereas most of us know there is a drought issue.  I also knew there were a lot of incentive/rebates available install a eco-friendlier lawn.  I decided to take the plunge and install the artificial turf.   

I am probably a bit more particular than most customers when it comes to my house. Some would say I am quite picky  but I believe that if you going to do a job it should be done right the first time.  I chose to use Sam and his crew to do my install.  Keep in mind I had a neighbor who just had artificial turf installed in front of his house and it looked great.  Being a competitive person, I wanted mine to look better.  I gave Sam that challenge, and boy did he deliver!   

Sam showed me this tool he calls the ProCutta that allowed him to cut the turf grass quicker and make it so you could not see the seams as much as with the traditional straight cuts.  The secret to this seam  tool was that rather than just cutting the Artificial Turf in a straight line, his tool allowed him to do what he called serpentine cuts.  Think of it like a snake.  The cut winded back and forth allowing him to blend the seams to the point where you could not even see them without really looking extremely close.  As matter of fact I shouldn’t have walked away because when I went back I couldn’t find the seams! Funny thing? I’m simply amazed with Sam’s tool, ProCutta.   

Bottom line is that when it was all said and done my lawn looked much better than my neighbors.  In fact, I even invited my neighbor over for a drink on the lawn just to rub it in. I attribute the success of the project to Sam’s attention to detail as well as to the cutting tool ProCutta.  Not only did it allow him to finish my project much quicker but also to deliver a superior installation.  I strongly recommend all who install turf professionally and do it yourself people (home owners like myself)  to check  out  The ProCutta Seam Tool. Seriously I can’t say how important it will be in saving time and we all know Time is Money or to do it yourself people, less on your knees and save your back!  

Thank you ProCutta team."

Ryan S.
Los Angeles, CA

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